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Granting agency conditions

 Considering the expansion and development of Barsa Flooring business space in recent years, we are proud to invite all those interested in cooperation and acceptance of Barsa Flooring products inside and outside the country to cooperate in order to provide more and better services to our dear customers. let’s bring The conditions for accepting representation for sports companies and stores are as follows


Having a trade union with a legal license

if you don't have a trade union or license, contact our experts


Providing copies of identification documents


Provide photos

Advantages of accepting a representative

 It should be noted that the duration of this contract is one year and it can be extended if more than 2000 meters of products are sold annually.

Free Education

Giving promotional goods

Giving a sample

Sales awards

Catalog grant

Introducing agencies on the site

Introduction of dealers on the main website of Barsa Flooring Company