Advantages of using artificial grass

Advantages of using artificial grass

  • It is a symbol of nature and is beautiful and uplifting
  • Its evergreenness in four seasons
  • The ability to change the environment to spring or summer by choosing the type of grass
  • easy washing
  • Without any pest
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Low maintenance cost and no need for a gardener or gardening equipment unlike natural grass
  • The resistance of artificial grass against cold and heat is higher than that of natural grass
  • Excellent resistance to sunlight and UV rays
  • The best option for pets
  • It has a wide range of colors and designs
  • Suitable for open, closed or covered spaces
  • Does not cause sensitivity and allergy
  • Color stability
  • Easy installation


Some tips to extend the life of artificial grass

 Preventing sharp objects from hitting the grass surface Brushing the grass makes the grass stand and fresh and prevents it from getting tangled and crushed. Preventing direct contact with fire or hot objects, which can lead to burning and melting of the grass’s polymer texture. Remove weeds Take its cleaning seriously, especially in environments where animals travel. Because animal feces, in addition to causing stains on the grass, can contaminate your artificial grass.

Brushing artificial grass Artificial

grass is used for many years due to its high durability, but this does not mean that artificial grass does not require any care and maintenance. In order to prevent such an incident and arrange the artificial grass fibers, they should be brushed at intervals. The best way to brush artificial grass in large areas is to use artificial grass brush machines, but in smaller areas, you can use a broom with a handle or brushes for washing carpets and rugs to save money.

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