base rubber flooring

 Floors with a base or egg comb are the older generation of granular floors and still have their own fans due to their base and more flexibility than other granular floors, because in the outdoor area, children are hit and maintain the high safety of this. The product reduces injuries by 80%. Outdoor egg comb flooring can be installed simply by stacking the flooring sheets together. There is no need to use glue to install these floors, and this feature creates a healthy and hygienic environment for children because it no longer causes various allergies due to the use of glue for children. Due to the waterproofness of the base floor or egg comb, a few minutes after heavy rains, we can see our children playing and having fun in the beautiful fields.

 These floors must have at least 25 mm of base and 20 mm of top, which brings the minimum thickness of egg comb flooring to 45 mm. A thickness of less than 45 mm will bring fragility for this type of flooring. The edges of the combed flooring surface are chamfered to maintain the integrity of the flooring. The bases of these floors can be cylindrical, rectangular, trapezoidal, etc.



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Ingredient: granul
thickness:  45 ،50، 60، 70 mm