Description of wet pour flooring

Vetpour floorings are a new generation of granular floorings, the materials needed for its construction must be combined on site with the help of special devices and the amount of special glue, according to the weather conditions and infrastructure of the desired area. And with the help of special ironing devices, they are related. These floorings have a higher price than other granular floorings due to their on-site installation, quality, beauty and uniformity, and the specialization of the execution process. wet pour flooring coverings have color limitations based on the two factors of closed and open space. It is recommended to use black, ochre, pencil tip, jade, green and navy colors in the open space because the sun’s rays on them will not cause them to turn pale, while there is no limit to the use of colors in closed spaces. . Of course, it should be mentioned that other colors can be used in the open space if it costs more, in which case EPDM should be used instead of granules, which has a much higher price.

Can be used in: Kindergarten, volleyball hall, tennis, basketball, squash, badminton and running field.



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Ingredient:  EVA
thickness:  20 / 25 / 30 / 50  mm