Interlocking flooring

 Puzzle or lock floorings are actually the same as simple granular floorings, the difference between them is that the floorings are locked together. These floorings have the least amount of seams and are stable after installation. This type of granular flooring has an easy installation process, and anyone with basic knowledge can install granular flooring. In the meantime, if you need to cut granular flooring, you can handle this task with strong cutters. On the other hand, the installation of granular puzzle flooring does not require any glue or screws, and this process is completed only when the puzzles are fastened.

Can be used in closed spaces: such as ballrooms, conferences, amphitheaters, kindergartens, children’s homes, swimming pools, clubs, horse stables. This flooring cannot be used in open spaces such as parks, schoolyards, roof gardens, swimming pools, sidewalks, etc., because due to the contraction and expansion caused by cold and heat and the resulting pressures, the quality and efficiency It is reduced and due to the formation of seams or bulges, they will have a shorter lifespan.



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Ingredient:  EVA
thickness:  20 / 25 / 30  mm