simple flooring

Simple granular flooring with a thickness of 20 mm is suitable for sports clubs because of its high density, and it is better to use 25 and 30 mm flooring in open spaces, the reason for this is that over time the edges of the flooring are damaged by sunlight And the cold has risen, so the weight of the floor coverings and their thickness need to be increased. A misconception about simple granulate flooring is that using thicker 30 mm flooring in the gym is better than 20 mm flooring, while 30 mm flooring is less compact due to the thickness and volume of granules in it. and using them at the club level reduces the life of the flooring, but the 20 mm flooring has a higher granule compression compared to the volume of the granule used and has a higher impact ability, so it is recommended for gyms to use 20 mm flooring should be used.



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Ingredient: granule
thickness:  20 / 25 / 30  mm